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Celebrating and Preserving the History of Bowdoin, Maine

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Our History



Quoted from the history gathered from the minutes of the Historical Society by Charlene B. Bartlett and Jane E. Bickford. 1972-12002.

Purpose: To bring together at frequent intervals those who are primarily interested in the collection and preservation of historical subjects, including history now in the making.

On October 1, 1972, an organization meeting for a Bowdoin Historical Society was held at the home of Jayne and Carl Bickford with 13 persons present. In December it was decided to start a scrap book of Bowdoin events, and in February of 1973 the first fund raising activity took place with a food sale at the IGA in Lisbon Falls. Also in February Dr. Marius Peladeau of the Maine League of Historical Societies spoke to the Bowdoin group and the Society joined the League. A gift of copies of Three Months With the New York Herald by Capt. John Potter was accepted.

On May 2, 1973 the Society was incorporated by the State of Maine with By-laws which provided for the offices of President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and five Trustees. Elections were to be held on a yearly basis in October. Much later, after Bowdoin College transferred to the Society the responsibility for administering the Viola Coombs Trust Fund and caring for the Regular and Particular Calvinistic Baptist Church and adjacent cemetery, the Society also elects a Trust Fund Trustee annually for a total of three trustees.

Memorial Fund

A memorial fund is being established for the Bowdoin Historical Society in memory of Jayne Bickford, 1922 - 2016. Donations may be sent to Bowdoin Historical Society, PO Box 1, Bowdoin, ME 04276, Attention James Lufkin, President.

Jayne was one of the original founders of the Historical Society and a long-time member and supporter.



Meetings on the First Sunday of the Month

 2:00 PM

Meetings are held the first Sunday of each month at the former Bowdoin Central School. Meetings begin at 2:00 PM and we try to a program of historic interest each month.

Web Site

We are starting an historic tour of Bowdoin and you will be able to find pictures and stories of places in Bowdoin.

We would like your contributions and suggestions. Send information to the web at

Thank you for you help.

Historical Society Officers

President James Lufkin - 353-6030
Vice President Grace Anderson
Treasurer Kathryn Lufkin
Secretary Joanne Coombs


Trustees John Lambert (2014)
  John Mann (2015)

Viola Coombs Trust Trustees

Trustees Grace Anderson (2014)
  Joanne Coombs (2015)
  James Lufkin (2016)
  John Lambert (2017)