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 Tour of the Historical Places of Bowdoin

We will continue to update and add to this page so that when you are visiting the area you can find some of the great historical places of the community..

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Bowdoin Center Baptist Church The old Bowdoin Center Church as it stands today at the crossroads of Route 125 and Litchfield Road. Currently not used.  
West Bowdoin An early view of the West Bowdoin Baptist Church. Note that the carriage house is still visible to the right of the church.

Build in 1832.
West Bowdoin Church Today This is a more recent picture but still before the work on the present addition was begun.  

In 1835 the Calvinistic Baptist Church, founded by Elder James Potter, was burned. Solomon Eaton deeded the members land on which to rebuild with the stipulation that the building would revert to his estate if the church ceased to function. A surviving descendant, Viola Coombs, made a bequest to Bowdoin College with the stipulation that Bowdoin College own and always be responsible for the upkeep of the church and its adjoining cemetery.1

Historical Register Cemetery The Cemetery is located to the left of the church. Both the church and the cemetery are now maintained by a separate Board of Trustees of the Bowdoin Historical Society  
Inside the First Church Inside the First Church is a look into the past.    
Lavina Coombs Lavina Coombs served as a missionary to India for the Free Baptist Church. She was baptized as a member of the West Bowdoin Baptist Church. She is buried at the Woodlawn Cemetery on the West Road, Bowdoin.  
Monument and Cannon The monument and cannon located at Bowdoin Center. In 1907, Governor Cobb dedicated it to the memory of Bowdoin's Civil War veterans. There are 128 names inscribed on the monument. The cannon came from Fort Popham.